Metropolis Tutorial

The tutorial of the Metropolis web interface can be downloaded here.

Importing networks from OpenStreetMap

We developed a tool to convert OpentStreetMap networks into Metropolis networks. A guide to use the tool can be downloaded here. To obtain the tool files, please contact one of the Metropolis administrators.

Frequently Asked Questions

My file was not imported correctly. What is wrong?

Check that your file is a well-formatted tsv file (tab-separated-values file) or csv file (comma-separated-values file). The first line of the file must be a header containing the name of the columns. You can check the required column names when you click on the import button. If you still get an error, open a new issue with a description of your problem (attach the tsv or csv file to the issue).

I cannot run my simulation. What is wrong?

You can only run the simulation if it has at least two zone, one intersection, one link and one traveler. Additionally, you cannot run the simulation if modal choice is enable for one traveler type but you did not specify any public transit network.

An error occurs when the simulation is running.

Here are the errors which occur the more frequently:
MetroError:Cannot disaggregate demand. Check inequalities
This error occurs when some travelers have invalid parameters (negative value for beta, for delta, for alpha or for the mus; desired arrival time lower than the start of the recording period).
MetroError:Flow record exceeding maximum value
The number of travelers on a link, at a given point in time, is too large. You might have to reduce the total number of travelers of the simulation.

I have a large network and the network view is very slow. What is wrong?

This is because the network view takes a lot of ressources on your computer's GPU. Try enabling your discrete GPU on your browser.

Will you add feature X?

We are not planning to add any new feature but you can send your suggestions here.

I found a bug / a typo.

Go to this page. If the bug / typo has not been reported yet, open a new issue.

I read the FAQ but I did not find an answer to my question / problem.

Go to this page. If the question / problem has not been posted yet, open a new issue (provide as much detail as you can).